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Pheno Geno Roses has a long and beautiful story to tell. Its roots date back to a small Dutch family-owned nursery that has been cultivating garden roses since 1956.

Founded as a rose research and breeding company in 2009 it focused mainly on new plant introductions and licencing of proprietary genetic material while developing recognizable and ...

Pheno Geno Roses has a long and beautiful story to tell. Its roots date back to a small Dutch family-owned nursery that has been cultivating garden roses since 1956.

Founded as a rose research and breeding company in 2009 it focused mainly on new plant introductions and licencing of proprietary genetic material while developing recognizable and trustworthy brand. After years of cooperation with growers across Europe, PGR decided to expand its business.

Today Pheno Geno Roses has breeding, research and production facilities in Serbia and the Netherlands, creating and growing first class roses for modern rose lovers.

Much of our work and knowledge is based on tradition and experience, but our focus is on the future, utilizing latest scientific achievements and state-of-the-art techniques in order to create exceptional, healthier, more beautiful and fragrant roses to meet each and every demand from our customers.

Believe in their team to deliver you a brand fashioned to your desires, since no imperfections can escape the eyes of women. This is why their roses are unique, as they are bred by women for women.


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  • TASTE OF LOVE® Edible...

    It is time to look at roses from a whole new perspective! While many people grow roses for sheer beauty of their flowers it’s easy to slip from mind that roses are in fact edible. Actually, they have been grown for their nutritious, medicinal and cosmetic properties for thousands of years. Rose hips are used to make jams and marmalades, while petals are used for teas, salads, different kind of confectioneries, vinegar, sauces and spices. The fact that this ornamental plant is used for food is actually not surprising at all. Rose family (Rosaceae) besides roses includes some of the most economically important fruit plants such as apples, pears, quinces, apricots, plums, cherries, peaches, raspberries, strawberries and almonds, so it’s easy to see how a most popular ornamental plant have found its way to your kitchen. In fact, chemical analyses have shown that some rose cultivars have higher nutritional value than some common fruits and vegetables. They are full of substances beneficial for human health such as vitamin C, antioxidants, sugars, proteins, lipids, tannins, pectin, amino acids and essential oils.

    When we started our research and breeding program for Edible roses, we have found that like in all other fruits, some varieties taste better than the others. Before conducting taste panel all our Edible rose candidates were tested for nutrients which later helped us to connect certain compounds to the aroma of rose petals. This led to development of roses with different flavours and textures – from silky sweet to refreshing citrus. Next step was to create perception of Edible roses, a task in which we were assisted by professional chefs from middle and top segment restaurants. This is where more than 100 selected varieties were narrowed down to less than a dozen – proving that only the very special ones are good enough to be called a PGR Edible roses.

  • FRAYLA® Fragranced

    Frayla /frajla/ - Serbian name from the beginning of the 19th century for a versatile, charming and gentle woman.

    This collection is dedicated to commendable women in Serbian history, such as humanitarians, scientists, queens and princesses, artists and explorers. Their names are a source of inspiration and gratitude, and now they will forever be embedded in the fragrance of our roses.

    Motivated by Eastern Damask scent of Bulgarian Rose Valley and Turkish Isparta, inspired by Old English and traditional French style, we’ve created fragrant roses for every garden.

    Each variety of the Frayla® collection has a note of women’s elegance, modesty and sophistication. They are coloured with different roles in recognisable and prestige landscaping.

  • VAZA® Bouquets

    Embrace the new dimension of garden roses with our new cut flower collection. Vaza, a Serbian word for vase, describes the use of these roses perfectly – not only that they will look stunning in your garden, but they will also make a fascinating table centerpiece in every home.

    These rose bushes are short to medium height, have good branching habitus and carry blooms on strong stems which makes them perfect for floral arrangements of any kind, enriching them with their pleasant fragrance.

    Warm hues and gentle texture of their petals bring light into any interior regardless of its style. These roses will look elegant and attractive both in modern and classic home designs. They can be used alone or in combination with decorative grasses and ferns, as well as with other flowers like hydrangeas, lilies, anemones or delphiniums. These versatile roses are the most tender gift anyone can receive.

  • REKA® Flower abundance

    Translated from Serbian as ‘the river’, varieties from Reka® collection promise to bring you a plenty of flowers month after month, year after year. Excellent compact growth and symmetry fit perfectly into formal garden styles with a wide range of colours from pastel to intense, making their combination with other plants and garden elements practically infinite.

    Proudly named after Serbian and European major rivers, each of these striking varieties has its own story to tell, vivid and picturesque like traditional European tapestry. Healthy and floriferous, these roses are a statement of plenty and charm in every scenery.

  • FRESKA® Striped

    Inspired by the painting technique, our latest collection of striped roses presents a unity of art and nature. Freska, Serbian version of Italian word fresco, has been employed in wall painting since antiquity. In Serbian ecclesiastical art, it has been in practice since the 13th century and it decorates the walls of well-known Serbian monasteries.

    As if an invisible painter had struck his brush upon the gentle petals of the roses, every single variety of this collection is a masterpiece of elegance. Vivid colours of these roses will undoubtedly make them a centrepiece of your garden regardless of where you plant them.

  • PIXIE® Mniatures

    Our Pixie® collection is represented by two types of patio roses: miniature roses ranging from 20 to 35 cm and groundcovers ranging from 40 to 70 cm.

    Miniature roses from our Pixie® collection have a diverse usage in container cultivation, in large terracotta containers or in small pots on window-sills. They are a perfect choice for your balcony or roof garden.

    Our groundcovers are ideal for public and private landscaping. What makes them special is a vast range of colours, flower shapes, their continuous flowering and dense and sturdy growth. Their size and delightful appearance make them a memorable gift for your loved ones…

  • WINTERJEWEL® Frost...

    Created with the help of the latest techniques in plant breeding, all roses from the Winterjewel® collection share an important common feature – hardiness to low winter temperatures. Our tests have shown that these varieties can withstand temperatures as low as -35°C in spite of their gentle appearance. In addition to this important quality, they come in various colours, have repeat blooming and have proven to be very healthy and reliable.

    Based on their flower characteristics, we have divided our Winterjewel® collection into two sub-collections: Double and Semi-double.

    Double flowers are found in pink, purple-crimson and light pink colour. Their full, captivating appearance makes them perfect for old-style and front gardens.

    Charming semi-double flowers bloom profusely throughout the summer and fall, and in colours such as intensive red, peach yellow and pure white they fit into every garden, regardless of its style and size.

  • MELLA® roses for bees

    Carefully selected roses for creating extraordinary borders can be found in our exclusive Mella® collection. These roses enjoy company and will look best when planted in groups. They are compact, have continuous flowering from bottom to top and have an ideal rounded shape.

    Named after the Latin word for ‘honey’, our Mella® collection is irresistible to bees and butterflies that enjoy foraging on its natural-looking flowers of attractive colours. They are perfect for biodiversity, wildflower, cottage or roof gardens. You can use them in borders, small hedges or as potted plants in larger containers.

    Whatever your choice of use for these lovable plants may be, you are bound to enjoy their colourful flowers throughout the whole season.

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