Theo Clevers ™

FRAGRANCE & TASTE: Gentle strawberry aroma
BEST KITCHEN USE: Confectionery, salads and beverages
HEIGHT: 70-80 cm
PLANTS/m2: 4-5

PLN 38.00

Fragrance of this rose is gentle and delicate and texture of its petals is silky and smooth. It is best used in salads adding to not only nutritional, but also decorative value of the dish. Its texture and colour place it as one of the best roses to use in making of sweet delights. Numerous, yet relatively small petals are also perfect for decoration whether they are used fresh or dried.

As a garden plant it is medium-sized with flowers borne in tight clusters. Quite floriferous plant that blooms all season long. Perfect for growing in organic conditions as it is very healthy and trouble free. Also suitable for growing in larger pots. It loves the company of alliums and marigolds.

Breeder Pheno Geno
Colour Pink
Fragrance Moderate
Hight 70-80 cm
Shadow No
USDA Zone 6b

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