Nadia Zerouali™

COLOR: Light Yellow
FRAGRANCE & TASTE: Refreshing citrus and lemongrass taste
BEST KITCHEN USE: Salads, Mediterranean cuisine, confectionery and drinks
HEIGHT: 70-80 cm
PLANTS/m2: 4-5

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Lemon yellow colour of this delicious rose says it all – it has strong citrus fragrance and aroma resembling fresh lemonade. It makes colourful addition to meals where you would normally use lemongrass or balm, since the taste is similar but with much smoother texture and more joyful in colour. Excellent choice for garnishing fish and seafood, as well as green salads and drinks.

As a garden rose it is quite suited for the middle of the border since this is a medium-sized shrub with strong, bushy habitus. It can also be grown on terraces as a potted plant if provided enough space and a larger pot with hummus rich soil. It bears flowers in clusters and blooms continuously throughout the season. Goes well in a combination with large and medium-sized perennials of violet and blue colour.

Breeder Pheno Geno
Colour Yellow
Fragrance Strong
Hight 70-80 cm
Shadow No
USDA Zone 6b

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