Peach™ VAZA®

COLOR: Orange pink
FLOWER TYPE: Very double
ROSE TYPE: Medium-sized shrub
HEIGHT: 60-70 cm
PLANTS/m2: 3-4

Surely one of the best varieties in Vaza® collection, Peach™ has that warm shade of orange and pink colour blending together to create elegant silky texture of its petals. Gentle and feminine, cup-shaped flowers of this rose are usually borne singly but can also form small bouquet-like clusters. Stems are straight and almost thornless, giving this small bush a rounded and compact look. It is suitable for pots since it requires low maintenance due to its good tolerance to stress and diseases. It is perfect for rounded bouquets where its gentle hues stand out the best if used in combination with dusty miller.

Breeder Pheno Geno
Breeder's name Bozvaz019
Colour Double coloured
Fragrance Moderate
Hight 60-70 cm
Shadow No
USDA Zone 6b

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