Picotee™ VAZA®

COLOR: Bicoloured orange & pink
ROSE TYPE: Medium-sized shrub
HEIGHT: 40-50 cm
PLANTS/m2: 3-4

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Unusual and striking, Picotee™ stands out from the rest of the collection with its bicoloured flower, blending from orange in the middle to light and dark pink on the edges. This is a short and compact shrub, quite healthy and resilient. Flowers are cup-shaped with strong, fruity fragrance and are borne abundantly through the whole season. It is suitable as a potted plant, while as a garden plant it is recommended to place it in near the porches or front of the borders where it captivates with its beauty and fragrance. In flower arrangements, it prefers the company of ferns, thistle or moluccella.

Breeder Pheno Geno
Breeder's name BOZvaz020
Colour Double coloured
Fragrance Very intensive
Hight 40-50 cm
Shadow No
USDA Zone 6b

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