Decoration ™ TASTE OF LOVE®

COLOR: Vibrant-red
FRAGRANCE & TASTE: Neutral taste and fragrance
BEST KITCHEN USE: Decoration of meals, cakes anddeserts
HEIGHT: 40-50 cm
PLANTS/m2: 5-6

PLN 38.00

Small intensive red flowers are perfectly shaped and open. Red petals and golden anthers make a perfect contrast and are eye-catching in any dish. Taste is neutral meaning it goes well in any meal or cake. Another thing that makes this rose special besides its cheerful appearance is the fact that this rose have extremely high quantities of vitamin C and antioxidants, in fact it has the highest amount of both in the entire Edible roses collection! Meaning this rose is not only a beautiful decoration but also very good for your health.

Besides its nutritional values it also prized as a garden plant, especially for pots as its small growing habitus makes it perfect as a balcony plant. For garden spaces it is best planted in front of the flower border or to use it as a patio plant.

Breeder Pheno Geno
Colour Red
Fragrance Moderate
Hight 40-60 cm
Shadow No
USDA Zone 6b
Type Róża rabatowa

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